Green Label Pre-Hospital & Emergency Medicine Education


Our Ethos is ALWAYS the provision of the highest quality services to all the sectors where we provide support across the UK, EU, MENA, USA and beyond.

Our Services are ONLY provided by highly qualified active clinicians & Include:

 The delivery of the Very Highest Quality accredited Specialist technical and non-technical Courses in Pre-Hospital & Emergency Medicine Inspired by the "White Label" concept for your teams or clients on behalf of your organisation.

The design, testing, delivery & audit of bespoke clinical education packages

Franchising, Compliance checks and Auditing on behalf of Accrediting bodies

The provision of Expert Consultant led clinical governance to other companies, organisations, NGO's, Remote Sites & High Risk Sporting Venues.

Multi-Factorial Consultancy services across the Pre-Hospital Sector specialising in the development of high quality clinical education centres.

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